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SFSY Vouchers

Superfast South Yorkshire voucher scheme

SFSY Connection and Innovation Vouchers Scheme

The SFSY Connection and Innovation Vouchers Scheme offers vouchers to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to take-up faster digital connectivity and to further support SMEs to introduce transformational innovations to the business that can improve business performance through faster digital connections.

Connection Voucher

Connection vouchers assist SMEs to meet the upfront capital costs of a high-speed broadband connection to their business premises, providing a minimum of 30Mbps. Actual connection costs between £1000 and £5000 (Voucher values would be between £500 and £2500) excluding VAT.

Innovation Voucher

Innovation vouchers assist SMEs to adopt superior ICT business solutions that will provide significant business benefit and growth. Actual innovation costs between £5000 and £24999 (Voucher values would be between £2500 and £12499.50) excluding VAT.

Voucher Success Stories

Mayflower Engineering

For over 40 years Mayflower has been working with clients in the steel, construction rail and oil sectors. Among their projects are the specialist plunge piling rig used in constructing The Shard, the UK’s only double radial lock gates, and the world’s largest rotating mirror ball. Mayflower have benefitted from an SFSY Innovation Voucher, funding 50% of the cost of their new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Eaton Commercial Property Consultants

Founded in 1994, Eaton Commercial is a firm of Chartered Surveyors providing property consultancy to a wide range of clients, specialising in the motor trade sector, advising in the acquisition of sites for dealerships and analysing their assets to maximise property returns.

Scheme Timescales

The SFSY Connection & Innovation Voucher Scheme is time limited. The scheme stages and key dates are shown below.

The SFSY Connection and Innovation Voucher Scheme is supported by the Sheffield City Region European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), part of the European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) portfolio 2015 to 2020.