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Is my SME eligible

Superfast South Yorkshire voucher scheme

As of 26th July 2018 the Scheme is closed to new applications. The budget is now fully committed.

Is my SME eligible?

Your business/organisation can make an application if:

  1. It meets the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) criteria:

  2. It does not operate in one of the following sectors:

  3. It doesn’t have a parent company or linked enterprise which does not meet the eligibility criteria
  4. It has not already had the type of voucher you want to apply for
  5. It’s trading address is within the Sheffield City Region boundary
  6. The connection or innovation will be at the registered or trading address
  7. It is a tenant of a business park or a commercial property landlord and will get the approval of your landlord to proceed with the work
  8. The cost of the new proposed connection is above £1000 and/or the cost of the innovation is above £5000 (excluding VAT)
  9. It’s new proposed connection:
    • Meets the ‘step change’ rule
    • Is to a 30mbps or above service
  10. It wants the voucher to pay for eligible expenditure
  11. The Innovation is enabled through the use of broadband technology
  12. It has no outstanding debts to the Local Authority such as Business Rates
  13. It has not already received de-minimis aid that, together with this voucher, would exceed the threshold of €200k over a three-year fiscal period
  14. It is financially viable at the time you apply
  15. It has not already entered into contracts, commitments or expenditure prior to receiving a formal offer of a voucher
  16. It is willing to abide by the terms and conditions of the scheme, follow the guidance, supply all information requested and sign the funding agreement
  17. It will provide fully itemised quotes from three suppliers for connection applications and innovations applications over £25,000
  18. It will provide a one fully itemised quote from your chosen supplier for innovations under £24,999

The vouchers are available to SMEs whose trading address falls into the Sheffield City Region.

As of 01/06/2018 vouchers are only available to SMEs whose trading address falls into Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham or Sheffield

Download – “Guidance for Applicants – Connection Vouchers”

Download – “Guidance for Applicants – Innovation Vouchers”

The SFSY Connection and Innovation Voucher Scheme is supported by the Sheffield City Region European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), part of the European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) portfolio 2015 to 2020.