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Frequently Asked Questions

Superfast South Yorkshire voucher scheme

As of 26th July 2018 the Scheme is closed to new applications. The budget is now fully committed.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do suppliers have to be from within the Sheffield City Region?

Do vouchers expire once issued?

How long do Suppliers have to install the connection or innovation?

Can each quotation be a combination of smaller quotes, for example if one supplier doesn’t supply all the elements we need?

Can an eligible business receive a Connection voucher and an Innovation voucher?

What is the ‘Procurement Law ESIF Compliance Guidance Note (ESIF-GN-1-001)’ for?

What does ‘De Minimis’ mean?

Why do I have to provide 3 firm and original fully itemised quotes for connections and innovations over £24,999?

Can vouchers be used to fund revenue charges?

Can the voucher be used to pay VAT?

Can I make a retrospective claim for a voucher?

I have Business Rates arrears, can I still apply?

What happens if my quote is greater than the maximum allowed by the scheme?

How long will it take for the application to be approved?

How will the voucher be paid?

What happens if a problem arises during the process / installation?

Can changes to the connection or innovation be made after the application has been approved?

What happens after the connection or innovation is complete?

Connection Vouchers

Can the quotes for connection vouchers be for different types of solutions?

Can ongoing monthly costs be included in the connection voucher?

Can monthly costs be paid for in a lump sum by the connection voucher?

Can unexpected excess construction charges be paid for by the connection voucher?

Does the scheme support Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) technology?

Innovation Vouchers

What can I use the innovation voucher for?

What can’t I use the innovation voucher for?

I have an idea for an innovation idea, but I’m not sure if it would be eligible. How can I find out?

I want an innovation voucher so that my company can have a new CRM system. Can subscriptions and licences be paid for by the innovation voucher?

I want to upgrade my website, can I apply for an innovation voucher?

Can the innovation voucher be used to replace existing hardware?

My broadband speed is below 30Mbps. Can I still apply for an innovation voucher?

I have already entered into a contact with a supplier to provide a digital innovation, can I apply for an innovation voucher?

I want to develop some new software myself and then sell this on. Can I apply for an innovation voucher?

The SFSY Connection and Innovation Voucher Scheme is supported by the Sheffield City Region European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), part of the European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) portfolio 2015 to 2020.