Project Gigabit

Project Gigabit

Project Gigabit: fast reliable broadband for people across the UK

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Rural homes and businesses in South Yorkshire will get next-generation gigabit broadband built to them under a £5 billion plan to level up internet access across the UK. A government scheme to upgrade broadband infrastructure in hard-to-reach areas, have announced that up to 56,800 rural homes and businesses in the area are in line to be connected to lightning-fast speeds.

This is in addition to commercial providers' roll out which is seeing gigabit broadband being deployed rapidly across the country - from 10% of households in the UK in 2019 to more than 50% as of September 2021. The country is also on track for one of the fastest rollouts in Europe and for 60 per cent of all households to have access to gigabit speeds by the end of this year.

Nadine Dorries, UK Digital Secretary, said:

“We've passed the halfway point in our national mission to level up the UK with lightning-fast gigabit broadband. Millions of people can now access the fastest, most reliable internet connections, allowing them full advantage of new technologies over the next forty years. Thanks to the work of industry and our record £5 billion investment, we are making phenomenal progress in the Prime Minister's infrastructure revolution.”

The Project Gigabit programme targets properties that would otherwise have been left behind in broadband companies' rollout plans, prioritising those that currently have the slowest connections their available speeds will rocket to more than 1,000 megabits or one gigabit per second - enough to download a HD movie in less than 30 seconds and lay the foundations for tomorrow's tech such as 8K-quality video streaming. The average download speeds for South Yorkshire currently stands at 59.4Mbps, gigabit broadband will be over 16x faster than this.

This means families no longer having to battle over bandwidth and will give people in rural areas the freedom to live and work more flexibly with the speed and reliability needed to start and run businesses.

Table 1. Download speeds across different broadband speeds.
Type of download Size/speed 5Mbps ADSL 50Mbps FTTC 100Mbps FTTP or Virgin 300 Mbps FTTP or Virgin 1000Mbps FTTP (gigabit)
4 minute song 4MB 6 second Instant Instant Instant Instant
45 minute HD TV show 600MB 17 minutes 2 minutes 1 minute 16 seconds 5 seconds
1.5 hour HD movie 4.5GB 2 hours 10 minutes 13 minutes 6 minutes 30 seconds 2 minutes 8 seconds 38 seconds
1.5 hour Ultra HD movie 15GB 7 hours 9 minutes 43 minutes 21 minutes 30 seconds 7 minutes 2 minutes 8 seconds
Xbox/PlayStation 5 game 50GB 23 hours 51 minutes 2 hours 23 minutes 1 hour 11 minutes 23 minutes 51 seconds 7 minutes 9 seconds

The cost of connecting the premises in South Yorkshire will be between £61-£103 million. Work to connect properties in the area will start in October 2023. If you don't want to wait that long you may be eligible for support through the current Rural Gigabit Voucher scheme to find out click here.

Superfast South Yorkshire will be supporting the roll out of Project Gigabit through working with South Yorkshire residents, BDUK and the contractors throughout the project. For the latest updates on this check out our social media channels. If you have any questions about the rollout of Project Gigabit in South Yorkshire please contact us at

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Project Gigabit is the rocket boost that we need to get lightning-fast broadband to all areas of the country. This broadband revolution will fire up people's businesses and homes, and the vital public services that we all rely on, so we can continue to level up and build back better from this pandemic.”

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