Superfast South Yorkshire is currently rolling out ultrafast (FTTP) broadband to key enterprise zones and business parks.

Download speeds up to 1,000Mbps*

This means you could improve your:

  • 'Cloud' based services; Providing a host of benefits including increased capacity, server storage, cost savings, and enabling business to interact more efficiently with customers.
  • Online file sharing; Get instant access to shared online workspaces and take collaborative working to a whole new level
  • Media-heavy files; You won’t have to wait ages to download large, media-heavy files
  • Business Utilisation of Social Media; Social media accounts such as LinkedIn and Facebook are used for everything from organising events, product promotion to market research. It also has the ability to connect people and brands across the world, creating a huge global network of people. Businesses can use the network to connect with new and established customers and add value – using competitions, ‘how to’ videos and review sites. Increase efficiencies – Including reducing the need to travel through telephone or video conferencing, and enabling home and remote working
  • Increase innovation – Through applied and emerging technology; Access new domestic and global markets – through website and internet enabled marketing promotion and data transfer

*speeds received dependent packages available from your chosen provider.

On ultrafast broadband your connection is 100 percent fibre optic, giving you a more resilient and reliable connection whilst offering futureproof speeds.

The ordering process can be challenging but this is outweighed by the long-term benefits.

Ordering Process

Because FTTP is still a relatively new technology, the ordering process can take longer than standard broadband.

1 - See if you are in an ultrafast area

If your premises is located within an area identified for Ultrafast broadband SFSY cannot confirm if your premises will receive this technology until the detailed surveys and planning are fully complete, and even after this time there may be unforeseen challenges during deployment that could mean there are changes or delays. If you are trying to order any experience any problems please contact the SFSY team who will be more than happy to help.

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2 - Order

Not every ISP is currently able to offer FTTP, so it is important that you investigate which suppliers can provide the service.

See FTTP suppliers

If you want a local option, look at the local suppliers below.

See local FTTP suppliers

When placing your order please consider the speed as much as the price, to ensure you benefit from ultrafast technology you need to select speed options in excess of 80Mbps.

When placing an order with your chosen provider, they will advise of the packages available and provide you with dates for when an engineer will come out to carry out checks.

3 - Survey

In the early stages of an order, a site survey may be required. This is to investigate what work needs to be carried out in order to provide you with an FTTP/Ultrafast service.

4 - Engineer Installation

Following the survey, an engineer visits to install a fibre optic line to the premises. Your ISP will inform you if you need to be present for this visit, but the engineer must be able to have safe access to the exterior of the premises. There may be the necessity for two engineer appointments, but your ISP will make you aware of this if it is the case.

If you encounter any difficulties, Superfast South Yorkshire is on hand to support you.

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