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New Developments

Demand for superfast broadband is growing fast amongst both businesses and households, as connectivity is now an essential part of everyday life and is now expected by all consumers. Access to broadband is now likened to essential utilities such as gas and water, utilities are be taken for granted in new developments.

Superfast South Yorkshire (SFSY) are keen to work with developers to ensure that all new developments, residential or commercial, are equipped to suit the digital connectivity needs of their future occupants – superfast as standard. New developments are not part of the SFSY programme, the responsibility of providing connectivity lies with the developer.

South Yorkshire is undergoing a transformation of broadband infrastructure, and coverage is expanding all of the time. There are however, cases that are harder to reach (less than 5% of premises) where installing superfast broadband can be extremely expensive, and alternative solutions may be required. Knowing this early on helps developers manage customer expectations.

Residential Developments

On 5th February 2016 a new agreement was announced between Government, Openreach and the Home Builders Federation, this will see fibre based broadband offered to all new developments either for free or as part of a co-funded initiative. It is estimated that more than half of all new properties can be connected to fibre broadband free of charge to developers.

As part of this agreement Openreach is introducing an early planning connectivity assessment for homebuilders, many other suppliers can also offer a similar service.

Commercial Developments

Having the right level of connectivity is crucial for commercial developments to ensure businesses have the complete infrastructure available from the first day. This will also help developers sell and fill the site.

Suppliers are equally interested in working to provide connectivity at commercial sites, but critically need to be made aware of developments are the earliest possible opportunity to enable the best solution.

Check Coverage

To find the coverage available in South Yorkshire the best tool is the Superfast South Yorkshire’s postcode checker.
Check your postcode

For coverage outside of South Yorkshire, the best UK-wide tool is the government Go Superfast postcode checker.
Check coverage outside South Yorkshire

For further information on the technologies available to new developments, see our technologies page.
Technologies Information

Infrastructure Suppliers

The following suppliers provide infrastructure to new development sites.


Virgin Media