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What is Superfast Broadband?

Superfast broadband provides a faster and more reliable service compared to traditional broadband (known as ADSL). Fibre optic technology is used to deliver speeds that can reach 80Mbps.

A single superfast connection can support multiple computers, tablets, games consoles, and phones, meaning more people can be online at the same time.

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What can superfast broadband do for me?

People use the internet daily, and superfast broadband is becoming a necessity - from banking and paying, to watching and playing, your home life and leisure time are increasingly dependent on your connection.

Speedy connections boost business. Online businesses are able to better connect with their customers, to reach global markets, and to increase efficiency by making the most of tech tools that let you work away from the office - either at home or on the road.

Superfast speeds open up new avenues of learning to residents, enabling them to access online educational services to develop their skills, and seek out employment opportunities.

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Benefits of broadband

Speedier connections give a big boost to businesses. Online businesses are able to interact more effectively with their customers, to access global markets, and to make the most of online file storage opportunities and increases efficiency of being able to work away from the office - at home, from multiple offices, or when on the road with work. It will also boost the competitiveness of local businesses, helping them to find new customers and operate more efficiently. It will open up a host of new learning opportunities for residents, and enable them to access services, and look for employment opportunities.

Superfast broadband benefits include users being able to use multiple devices at the same time and sending and receiving large amounts of data much more quickly and effectively.

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Transforming South Yorkshire

Superfast South Yorkshire will deliver the broadband infrastructure required to make South Yorkshire a well connected and attractive place for businesses to develop, bringing new jobs to the region.

Engineers from Openreach are currently working hard to survey the area and ensure the most efficient roll out of superfast broadband across South Yorkshire.

A phased roll out will take place, with twelve phases that will be completed by the end of 2019. The first areas were able to access improved broadband towards the end of 2015.

Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) will be the main technology used. This can deliver download speeds of up to 80Mbps to businesses and residents.

Fibre to the premises technology (FTTP) − delivering ultra fast speeds of up to 330Mbps - to be installed in key Enterprise Zones and Business Parks.

The new fibre-based network installed by Openreach will be open to all Internet Service Providers. Households and businesses in South Yorkshire will benefit from a highly competitive market, bringing greater choice and affordability from providers.

transforming south yorkshire

The Superfast South Yorkshire Partnership

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